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Professional Spotlight

Workshops, conferences, articles, publications, videos and consultations.

Spring 2023

  • École élémentaire public Madeleine-de-Roybon, Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario. Le projet des murs végétaux : Workshops, implementation and on-going guidance with classes in the Intermediate Division for the Living Wall Project. February to April, 2023.


Winter 2023

  • Preserving Your Harvest, Freezing, Canning, Drying and Storing Presentation given to the members of the Stirling and District Horticultural Society. February 2023.


Fall 2022

  • Private Permaculture Consultation, Springbrook Area. October 2022.


  • Coucil of Outdoor Educators of Ontario, FALL CONFERENCE, Muskoka. September 2022. Presenter.


  • Seed Saving Workshop given to the members of the Stirling and District Horticultural Society, September 2022.


Summer 2022

  • Guided visit of Willows Green Permaculture gardens and food forest given to the members of the Stirling and District Horticultural Society. August 2022.

Spring 2022

  • Stockdale Public School, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. School-based curriculum partial day presentation and workshop: A Nature-Guided Solution to the Spongy Moth and Other Pests, April 2022.


Winter 2022

  • City of Quinte West Public Works Committee Meeting, Annotated Presentation. A Long-Term Solution to the Spongy Moth Problem, March 8, 2022.


  • City of Quinte West Council Meeting Presentation. A Nature-Guided Alternative to the Aerial Spraying Program of Btk, February 22, 2022


  • Harvest Hastings Guest Publication – A Solution to Control Spongy Moths, Harvest Hastings Facebook page, February 2022.


Summer 2021


Spring 2021

  • Willows Green Permaculture joins Harvest Hastings, a community organization which promotes sustainable agriculture and forestry, our creative rural communities, and local food, wood, and other products produced from the land in Hastings County, through celebration, education, marketing, networking initiatives, and programs that build understanding and support from consumers.


Winter 2021

  • Willows Green Permaculture gains certification by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Friendly Habitat through the transformation of our land into a biodiverse habitat for native species of flora and fauna.


Fall 2020

  • In collaboration with a team at The Ontario College of Teachers, developed the following teacher education resources, sent out to all schools in Ontario, designed to be used as tools for deepening understanding and exploration of environmental stewardship and ecological literacy within teacher education and professional practice.




Winter 2020

  • Incorporation as a Non-Profit Organisation of Willows Green Permaculture.


Fall 2019

  • Stefan Dixon and Magali Laville take possession of the property which is to become Willows Green Permaculture


Spring 2019

  • June: FOIRE IP21 VIAMONDE – La technologie à l’appui de l’apprentissage à l’extérieur. 

  • May : Connect 2019 - Using technology to support and deepen outdoor inquiry learning.

  • April: Article in Le Journal L’Express : Le Projet de revitalisation de l’école Élémentaire du Chêne


Winter 2019

  • January : Presentation for the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario – Teaching Across the Curriculum Using Nature as the Classroom.

Fall 2018

  • October: Presentation for Le Colloque Annuel de l’ADFO - Le bien-être via l’apprentissage à l’extérieur : La nature comme salle de classe.

  • September : Presentation for the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario – Teaching Across the Curriculum Using Nature as the Classroom.


Spring 2018

  • May: Presentation to the Ontario College of Teachers – Gardening in Schools.


Spring 2017

  • June: Ontario College of Teachers – Consultation on developing Ecological Awareness and Conscience in Schools.

  • May: Ontario College of Teachers – Consultation on exploring the perspectives of creating an Additional Qualifications Course on Learning Outdoors using Nature as the Classroom.


Spring 2015

  • Appearance as an expert resource person in the Chrystelle Maechler film ‘Résilience Urbaine’, on Learning within Nature.

  • Radio Interview on CHOC FM to speak about learning outdoors.


Spring 2014

  • With Ontario EcoSchools, created a teacher training video on school grounds transforming and greening.

  • Professional Speaking – the Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers- Interview, visit and article about restoring native habitats and student learning outdoors.


Spring 2008

  • Ontario School Advocate, article on school grounds transformation and greening.



  • Toronto District School Board Teacher In-Service Trainer: School grounds transformation and greening.


Spring 2002

CTV News story on the TDSB Charles Gordon Senior Public School Habitat Restoration Project.

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