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Permaculture Educational Tours at Willows Green Permaculture

- Concrete examples of permaculture
- Identifying and evaluating the needs of the land
- First (or next) steps to take to get a food forest going
- Soil building
- How to use biodiversity to create a balanced, healthy ecosystem
- How to use biodiversity to maximize crops
- Companion planting and food guilds
- Pest management
- Water management
- Growing in wet areas
- Tour of main gardens and of the land
- Much more
- Specific tour themes may be requested

To reserve, please call or send an email:

Info: (647) 515-4749 , E.mail:


Three prices:

 All prices are good for 1 to 5 people, so you can share the cost.

- $150.00 for 1 hour, for up to five people
- $270.00 for 2 hours, for up to five people
- $375.00 for 3 hours, for up to five people
- A small seasonal gift is included in the price for each person
- Longer tours, workshops, available upon request. Please specify your
objective of tour or workshop.

Permaculture/Gardening Consultation Services Now Available

- At your home, on your property
- Terrain analysis
- On-site soil analysis of targeted areas
- Identification of the main notable species growing on your property
- Identification of invasive species
- Identification of beneficial native wildflowers, plants and fruit trees
- On-site garden and permaculture food forest design recommendations

  1. Practical suggestions for getting started right away

  2. No-dig gardening methods

  3. Use of space

  4. Best placement for a main garden

  5. Placement of permaculture elements to maximize efficiency

  6. Making the most of smaller spaces, and how to make them
    seem much larger

  7. Food guilds and companion planting recommendations

  8. Pest management recommendations

  9. Plant and structural recommendations for attracting beneficial insects and wildlife

  10. Garden layout for sun exposure, and for creating microclimates for
    heat traps, for partial shade, etc.

  11. Food forest species recommendations

  12. Water management

  13. Weed management


- $200.00 – 1 hour
- $350.00 – 2 hours
- $450.00 – 3 hours

Detailed written report available for 2- or 3-hour consultations, including
all of the above-mentioned points developed in the report.

- Add $550.00 for the 2-hour consultation
- Add $750.00 for the 3-hour consultation

If you are interested in reserving one of the above tours or consultations, you may click the blue link at the top of the page to send us an email, or you can contact us by phone or at Stefan’s email. We will get back to you within a couple of days if you send us an email. Please specify which tour or consultation you would like and provide a few dates that you would prefer.


We offer a range of other services to individuals, businesses, schools and schoolboards, including workshops, leadership development, project accompaniment, and more. 

To receive a detailed list of the services we offer, based on your needs, use the form below. We respond to email requests within two to three days of sending a message. To contact us directly, use the telephone number indicated below. 



1 647 515 4749


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